Vault Slide Wheels Review

Vault 65mm 82a Wheels Review.

These wheels are great, I’ll skip the introduction and just get to the point.
Vault have struck gold on this compound, they break out smoothly leaving thane plastered on the road in their wake. The slide is so easy you expect some ice on the re entry to grip town but this is not the case, these little monsters are brilliant and even better than the ride is….they are $30, you can buy three sets of these to each set of Otangs or Abec 11′s .

Ok, I’ll put my excitement aside for a moment and get on with the review.

I picked these up off a friend of mine and at first I was skeptical, as always, but i gave these a try.
To begin with these are 65mm x 36mm wheels, there small and their contact patch is tiny, as a result grip is not really something these little rippers excel at. These green little champions excel at getting sideways, even some solid carving will get you slipping so don’t go trying to grip tight corners at high-speed it’s just not gonna happen.

So lets talk strengths. Sliding, sliding and more sliding. Pushing out a slide is easy, very easy, so easy you would expect them to behave badly when you want to grip back up but they actually grip back really nicely for such a small slippery wheel. This means long controlled slides similar to that of the Mega Tsunamis I reviewed last, but these are less than half the price.

Downsides, yeah there are a two main ones. this first is there a 65mm wheel to begin with and they only get smaller, so they don’t create as smooth a ride as a 70mm wheel would offer, It may not seem like a huge difference in numbers but after a couple of hard sessions these will be at 60mm and at that point you will start noticing the difference especially on a bigger board. The second down side is their life expectancy isn’t exactly long. Depending in the surface you can absolutely shred these in a short space of time. However that down side is negated by the fact that there ONLY $30 and to be honest the Mega Tsunamis don’t last that long either at twice the price.

To sum up….BUY THESE WHEELS. They are by no means the best wheels ever, but they are very, very good and there so dam cheap you may as well buy a pair to find out for yourself.

Happy skating!

Rainskates Mega Tsunami review

This marks the beginning of my summer project. Reviews of boards, wheels, and other Longboarding gear completely independently and just because im buying this stuff and have a lot of spare time at the moment.
Current set up -
Fibertech DH 980
200m Surf-Rodz
Rainskates Mega Tsunami
72mm 85a

“The all-terrain, Atom smasher you’ve been waiting for is finally here!” Well like all advertising write-ups its one hell of a claim.
Freeride wheels are a heavily contested category and be under no illusions personal taste plays majority role in wheel selection especially when it comes to sliding. However word gets passed around about a particular wheel and people snap them up like the drunk chick at a Computer Science Society party. Poor taste metaphors aside let’s get on with it.
I picked these up about a month ago after hearing about how buttery the slide was and how smooth the transition between grip etc… Since then I have nearly worn them to the core and have one word to describe them, Smooth. Breaking them was standard, took a session to melt the ice and from then on it was as promised, all butter. If you haven’t heard yet these are not 85a! Well they may say that they are but take that with a grain of salt, these are soft. They ride soft, slide soft and they wear out like a soft wheel too, not to mention the nice big thane lines.  The Mega Tsunami’s break out with very little effort. Pushing out a slide requires more effort than a 86a Stimulus but not by much and this extra effort is rewarded with some really smooth and controlled slides. The Mega Tsunami’s hook back up very nicely and its this predictability that is their best quality. They don’t actively try to get away from you, you can grip turns down your favourite car park building or casual hill but these were made to get sideways so keep that in mind. Now the downsides, there’s really only one… Wear, these things wore down on me fast. Like I said the “85a” compound is basically made of juicy lard so don’t expect these to last as long as other high 80 duro wheels. All in all I liked them, smoother than a purple stimulus and more control than one too If you’re looking for a softer freeride wheel to whip your board some butter these are your wheels, especially at speed. If you’re looking at coming off hard wheels to escape the ice but don’t quite want to sign up to the church of soft wheel sliding these are your wheel, If you love your yellow Stimulus’s or yellow Krakatoa’s then I would recommend you try them as a softer alternative. Its hard not to like something so buttery, until there all worn out that is.
Any questions feel free to get it touch.