Seismic Bootlegs Wheel Review

A shoulder injury and exams have been plaguing me, i am now a free and relatively healthy man In the next few weeks I will have a whole run of reviews coming, gloves, wheels,bearings and even a new board stay tuned!  Now to the topic at hand.

Ice Ice baby.I have Abec 11 freerides 72mm 84a and i love them like basically everyone else so when i saw the new offering form Seismic I wondered. 70mm, 84a, could this be the next big thing? what can go wrong…  On with the review.

Seismic Bootlegs 70mm 84a
irst id like to admit I haven’t ridden these to the core, i haven’t even gotten close. I picked these up two weeks ago and have done a lot of hard ridding on them in that time trying to unlock the “smooth, controlled slides with great hookup and grip when you need it.” And I am yet to even get close to it. I shall continue to ride these until I can tolerate them no more If any part of there performance changes I’ll be sure to post it up. I will also admit i’m not really into hard wheels but given the recent wheels I’ve tried, all being deceptively buttery, I was hoping the streak would continue…C-c-c-combo breaker.
Lets start with positives -
These wheels will last you a long time and they are center set which means, provided you care, you can keep flipping and never have them cone on you.
Aside from durability what i can say is these wheels are slippery, insanely slippery, like skating on slippery dips instead of wheels. To some of you this may be the best thing you have ever heard.  Its so easy to push out your slides and the wheels just love to stay out there. These sound like good things don’t they? Well they are, when it comes to blasting out slides these wheels may chatter but mostly its a fairly nice ride. The issues all come on re entry. Just like landing a space-shuttle the safe and speedy re entry to grip town is a critical and often difficult part. This is where these wheels fall down. They lack the grip to be an all round freeride wheel.

Negatives, well there not bad wheels but they aren’t good wheels either. To really be a good wheel they need versatility. I’m not expecting them to perform as well as a grip wheel would i’m simply expecting to be able to turn without too much slip. This lack of grip makes slides easy initially but at higher speed they just felt lose. Bringing your slides to an end took a bit of getting used to as well. Unlike the Vault wheels, the Mega tsunamis or the Abec 11s there is no hint of grip to help lock that re entry in. In stead of  a smooth transition between grip and slide the transition is harsh and feels like you have to hold the board down untill its willing to go straight again. This is most noticeable when pre-drifting or checking into a corner. I was constantly wondering if i was gonna hook back up anytime soon and while for sliding this is fun it does limit the wheel to one application.
Basically these wheels come down to a lack of versatility for me. These wheels slide but that is all they do and when your not sideways your not having fun.
Maybe its just me but I love wheels I can session anything on I like to approach a corner thinking “What do i feel like doing? do i want speed or slide?” I love doing a sick car park bomb into a steep slide session into a casual bomb down the road and on these you only have one setting, sideways.

For some of you hearing that these have less grip that a yellow stim is good news. For me its not. As always this is just the humble opinion of one person. I can however say I would be very interested in trying the 80a version to see if they can compete with the magical buttery goodness of the Abec 11 freerides or the 82a vault wheel.

In short, i like pucks on my gloves not wheels.
I’m going back to the butter, I may be some time.

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