Metro Motion Wheel Review

Howdy ya’ll First post up here, Im James resident skating raptor and new author to the blog. hope me and jonny can bring you twice as much postage in the same amount of time! To prove that im not here to bore you with introductions, here’s a wheel review!

Metro Wheel Company,  Metro Motion 70mm centerset wheels

So what wheels are best for (insert any and all disciplines)?   One of the most asked questions in the skater-verse is wether or not (insert wheel here) is good for downhill or sliding or both. Ladies and grommets I present to you your answer.

Introducing the Metro Motion. A centerset 70mm tall, a 40mm contact patch wheels coming in 2 duros, 78a and 80a and 5 different colors; blue, red and grey for 80a and pink and yellow for 78a.
For those of you wanting a wheel that slips and grips the 78A is the wheel of choice. Unlike other wheels ive had a roll on the metros have a very gradual and predictable slide. When you push them hard enough they will let go, but even better is when you are railing that corner with your eyes tearing up from the speed these wheels will tell you whats going on. The 78a metros wont transition from sticking to the road then jump straight into a slide, theres a middle ground where you can feel the wheels begin to let go of the road. A very good thing to know

As for the slide, these things are like sliding on cushions made of bananas. Metros have the smoothest slide I have ever slid. Probably thanks to the super tight bearing seat/core which really supports the wheel. Right out of the box 78a metros are quite slippery but a few slides later you will be pulling fast controlled slides, able to shave off the right amount of speed everytime. The 78’s are perfect for the rider who wants to shred around the steepest of city streets and carparks knowing their wheels wont be chug-a-chug chattering as they paint the road with clean white lines. For a wheel so soft metros are very hardy. If all you could ever want is a wheel that goes sideways more than it rolls then 80a is your key to high rollin. The 80a metros still produce the same gradual transition of moving from grip to slip, but do so at lower speeds.

All up Metro motions are a fantastic freeride jack-of-all-trades wheel. This wheel will have you blasting down carparks and slashing your neighbours driveways in style and in control. this wheel however is NOT a good wheel to be blasting down a racetrack on. that being said, if you have the skill to mob down a mountain road choice of wheel wont matter since your technique will force your gear to behave however you want.

Skate often, skate safe! ~Mojuuraptor

PS hopefully that picture album worked, for those of you who want to know exactly what you are getting for your money. the metro motion core appears at about 45mm wheel diameter. In relation to jonny’s previous Vault wheel post, i bought a set and wrecked them. the core shows up at 40mm.